Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rattlesnakes and Mountain Lions

Tomorrow, our 1229 community + Brandon (site coordinator) leave for Cascabel. Cascabel is a sleepy little tiny desert town about an hour and a half outside of Tucson. Aside from the fact that its in the middle of seemingly nowhere, and there's a lot of land and not so many people, there's nothing really sleepy about it. Everybody I met there the last time we were there is passionate and excited about their community in Cascabel.
We're going to eat some locally made goat cheese, talk to a CSA along the way, camp together in the desert, among a plethora of other activities. Most of which really excites me.
we're going on solo-desert-sojourns.

Yes, me, the EXTREME E, will be completely by myself in the desert for two nights. Sometimes, I think the butterflies in my stomach are signs of excitement, and other times I think they're reminders of how nervous about it I am. Excitement or nerves, though, it will definitely be a growing experience.

And, hopefully, provided I don't get lost wandering the desert alone, I'll report back about it.

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