Wednesday, October 6, 2010

After a month on the job, reflections at BorderLinks

I've been in Tucson over a month now. I've shared some stories and reflections about general thoughts that have come about in times of intentional reflection, but really haven't told you, my faithful follower, about neither the community life aspect or the site placement aspect of this YAV year- both things which are really fundamental to the experience.

So here's a bit about my work at BorderLinks.

I'm working as a Program Organizer, which means in short that I design educational trips and experiences to the border region, in an effort to give delegations first hand experience of the real issues at the Border.

Another part of my work involves editing and laying out the BorderLinks alumni Newsletter, Ver-Pensar-Actuar. Those who we work with as an organization, people that work at BorderLinks, and people that have participated in delegations are encouraged to submit reflections to be included in the publication. I really think that the newsletter better explains the sorts of delegations and experiences we facilitate than I ever could. You can check out the newsletter from the BorderLinks website- go to the borderlinks website,, our publications, then click on "Ver-pensar-actuar", then choose "October 2010"

Or just click here and then chose "October 2010"

Happy reading!

While the newsletter doesn't give a day-to-day of my work or what an actual delegation entails, through the stories, photos, and poems, I think it paints a better picture of my experience with BorderLinks than any words I could put here.

So be sure to check out the newsletter- read the articles, reflect with the poetry, sit with the experiences other have had along the border region.

And, I'd love to hear your own thoughts and reflections, too!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I'm sitting in a cafe right now with one of my roommates, Meredith. The following uses imagery depicting the intensity and agony of our afternoon.

Written by Meredith Wilkinson, Oct 2, 2010

I'm at Epic Cafe
It's a good day
Stevie is here.
So I have no fear.
She is great.
Like a happy date.
She has plaid pants.
Like a school dance.
She wants to be an OT.
And maybe for Free.
Probs not.
I'm a teapot.
The end.
My friend.

So, as you can see- even in the midst of a year listening for the call of the Gospel here in Tucson, AZ and learning to live simpler life, I still maintain my silly moments. Those silly moments sometimes really make my day.

Thanks, Meredith for making my day!