Sunday, September 12, 2010

Who is this Stevie girl, anyways?

I want to use this blog as not only a means to communicate parts of my experience as a Young Adult Volunteer in Tucson, AZ, but also as a means for questions and conversation.

This blog will showcase lessons I've learned, stories I've heard, or sometimes just a walk through of my day. As my mom informed me, it's very "stream of consciousness." As a result, sometimes what I post will be thought through and make sense, and other times I may not realize that I'm leaving out important parts of the story- please advise me if you're lost!

I've realized not all of you reading this know my story, my background, or anything about me other than I am currently doing something with border ministry somewhere in Arizona. So here's a bit about me:

Hi, I'm Stevie. I graduated from Austin College (in Sherman, TX) with a degree Media Communication, and minors in Latin American Studies and Spanish. I'm excited to be working at Borderlinks as part of my 2010-2011 year as a PC(USA) Young Adult Volunteer. In particular, I'm looking forward to developing relationships on both sides of the border and learning in concert with the delegations I will be facilitating in my role as a Program Organizer. I am also excited to put my degree to work and broadcast the stories from the border in my work with the "Ver, Pensar, Actuar" newsletter.

I am embarking on a journey. In this next year of service with YAV I will experience new opportunities for growth, see the world in a different light, and be challenged in ways I have yet imagined. At Montreat Youth Conference last summer I felt truly moved and inspired by Rev. John Fife's accounts of working in ministry in the Tucson border area. He described the dire situations, the struggles, and the hope the immigrants had in a better life in the United States. His stories of selfless compassion and living by the greatest commandment- “to love your neighbor as yourself” called to me. Join me on my journey as I explore the call of the gospel in the social and political realities of the border area.

Please comment, question, negate, explore, and learn along with me.

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