Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Prayer Requests

One of my roommates, friends, and co-worker, Ali, has a friend whose mom has recently been diagnosed with Brain Cancer. She asks for continued prayers for the Schuyler family. Chemotherapy has started, but the prognosis is not hopeful. I ask for your prayers for both Ali, as she tries to balance being in ministry away from her home and friends in need, and for her friend's family.
I ask for prayers for BorderLinks as an organization. That it continues to practice its mission of popular education of Border Issues, that delegations don't shy away from the opportunity to be a part of it because of the media's portrayal of Border Violence, and that as an organization altogether it continues to operate and be able to operate.
I ask for prayers for all of those who are lost, thirsty, separated from family, abused, and hungry.
I ask for prayers for the government, that it can represent and protect people and ideas rather than partisanship and money.


Prayers for those bereaving everywhere.

Prayers for those associated with "Operation Streamline." Those on all sides.

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