Sunday, January 30, 2011

Twin Maps

BorderLinks' dorm rooms are full of super-cool people.

Like the twins, Richard and Max. They just graduated from college, and instead of jumping into the career fields with their respective backgrounds in Religious Studies and Broadcast Journalism, they figured out a way to be both engage in community service, and see a good amount of the US along the way. They applied for a grant from the United Church of Christ to spend a year going to different cities documenting, through both video and blogging, outreach programs (like their Young Adult Volunteer program) and other youth/young adult involvement in the community through the UCC.

I highly suggest you follow their blog:

Another reason to follow that blog: Ali, Meredith and I were all interviewed for it- so maybe you'll see us there!

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  1. Hey Stevie!!

    I love your blog, and this post!! It was great meeting you guys! Keep up the great work at Borderlinks! You're awesome and I hope to see you guys again one day.


    Maxwell Brooke