Monday, January 31, 2011

Just a little drip

Today was a good day. Not even an "all things considered" sort of good day. Just a good day. Which, when thinking about the events of this morning, it's pretty wonderful it worked out afterall.
This morning began early, and Meredith, Kady (Luke's girlfriend), Jacob and I were feeling a bit lazy, so instead of the normal bike-ride to Southside, we decided to take a ride in the car. Which, as you'll find out, turned out to save the day in the end.
CrossStreets was wonderful, as usual. And then we piled back to drive home, grab our bikes, and head to work for the day after dropping Meredith's bike off for a tune-up.

As we were walking out the door to go to work, I looked up in the kitchen, and saw a little drip from the side. "Oops, its leaking." I said, kind of laughing- because the day before one of our toilets had flooded the back of the house, and we still hadn't heard back from our Landlord about someone coming to fix that. Ali, being the rational thinker, put a pot for the drip.
Then we realized our living room floor was a bit wet in places from some drips over there. And, pretty soon, we'd run out of towels and pots to put under, and the little drip in one isolated spot had turned into a flood throughout the entire living room, and the indoor rain continued still. Water was coming out the ceiling, through the walls, and seemingly everywhere.
We hurried to move all of the stuff out of the rooms that were flooding. Within a matter of minutes, our well-furnished living room with a tiny little drip had turned into an empty room with an inch of water on the floor and water still coming out of the walls and ceiling. We had rushed around the living room moving every bit of furniture anywhere there was space in another room. Our couch sat ontop of our dining room table all day, because that's where there was dry-space for it. Eventually, the repair guy arrived. Since he'd just been told there was a leaky toilet, he was a bit surprised to see four girls frantically running around an empty room trying to barricade off the flooding from getting to everything.
Over the next few hours we dumped the pots and buckets of water into our new garden, the repair guy climbed around in the attic to fix the problem, and, while we waited for him to finish up, we played some Yahtzee in the one little dry corner of our empty living room.

Had we not decided to sleep in a tiny bit this morning and take the car to CrossStreets, we probably would have all been at work, while the water just continued to build throughout our house. Good thing we were feeling lazy this morning!

All in all, it was a pretty hilarious morning of channeling water, ringing out towels, and laughing about it all, together.

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