Monday, September 6, 2010

Rules of Life

How do I want to be in daily prayer?

Be still
Reflect on concerns/hesitations and know that God is present with me during them
Rejoice in the happy moments, and recognize the joy of God's companionship in the sadness, anxst, sorrow, and hard times
Pray for others with others and alone
be intention in reflection and communication with God
The five finger prayer

What practices will I use to allow god to form me spiritually?
Reflect daily
Study the works of those who have studied before me
interpret those works and the Bible with an open mind and honest, personal reflection
Break comfortable routine
Keep an open mind to allow the Spirit and others to me me.

How will I live out me call as a Christian in a hurting world?
Have mercy
"Pray for the opressor" (MLKJ)
Live simply
"Be sign of joy and love for others" (Taize)

Some excerpts from my roommates Rules:
"Climb Mountains, dream bigger, jump higher"

"Practicing radical acceptance"

"Be a sign of joy to others. Practice gratitude"

"By the power of God, fear nothing, die daily, and practice truth"

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