Monday, September 27, 2010


He fought his way up the ladder
Middle class family
Academic scholarship to Duke
Law degree from Harvard
A year abroad, broadening his horizons

Hands raw from picking corn
Skin leathering from the sun
Someday he'll be Northbound for money to send home

100% Silk shirt, on one sleeve at a time
Made in China
Thriving on espresso
Working long hours to afford it

The storm raging through the town
Taking his crop
Taking his house
Taking his livelihood

"I now pronounce you man and wife."
She's pregnant now.
Celebration for the new baby girl to be.

He gathers enough
to hire the coyote
to be guided past the border
away from the 25 feet high scrap metal

Two months until the baby's due
Wife goes to the store
Daily errands to take care of the new family, the new home

Three days pass in the desert
He's run out of water and food
His memorabilia is long abandoned

"Paper or plastic?"
She opens her wallet
A man enters, shooting

Delirious from thirst, he finds water
left in the desert by the love of strangers
he makes it through
Arrives to Iowa,
to work on the farm
Cash to send home

Ambulance sirens wail
Blood stained, gasping for breath
her life is on the line

"Migra! Migra" shouted from all over
He feels the handcuffs behind his back
Thrown in jail

"I'm sorry, we tried everything we could
The baby couldn't handle the stress.
Mom is barely hanging on

Morning comes
30 minutes with his lawyer
A "fair" trial, along with those 69 others
Sentenced to 90 days in jail

"She may not survive
and if she does, there will be permanent damage"

For trying to provide for his family
For trying to provide for her family

Two injustices
One place


  1. stevie....this is so, so powerful.

    thank you.

  2. this made me tear up, steves. Very very moving. Love you and everything that you're doing.

  3. thanks stevie. i'm glad you posted this. beuatiful