Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Not only will I be living in a new place, I'll have some new cooking mates!

Here are some recipes that are coming with me/that we have tried as a YAV family:
Tried September 1, 2010. Somewhat successful

This recipe was developed after a long day, with the few ingredients we had around the house, in an attempt to quickly feed the six of us.

2 bags broccoli cuts (frozen)
lots of olive oil
6 cloves garlic
pasta shells/lasagna noodles (because that's what we had)

Boil water for shells. Cook the 12-14 minutes. While the shells are cooking, sautee the garlic and broccoli in the olive oil. Once the shells are cooked, drain, add your broccoli sauce creation. Enjoy!

Not sure how this was made, but we had a delicious cous-cous casserole. It combined cous-cous, brocoli, green beans, italian seasonings, and cheddar cheese.

I topped mine with some black beans and chili powder.


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