Sunday, July 11, 2010

Halfway mark!

So in my experience with anything that is long term, which really just comes from (semi) long distance running and a previous year abroad, its the first half of the effort that is the most difficult. I guess you could say four years in college is a semi-long term adjustment as well. In the first half I find myself figuring out the routine (or in the case of running, the steps and adjusting to the surroundings and elements), growing accustomed to what is occuring, and building up momentum to stay in it for the long haul. In some ways, this has been the case with fundraising. The only other time I've really set out to raise money was selling Girl Scout Cookies and doing Fundraisers to offset the cost of other trips and experiences. I've done some fundraising here or there with other organizations, but never for something directly benefiting me; so, its been a learning experience. I am continually floored by the support and enthusiasm of my peers and people who have heard me speak about my upcoming experience. Its great to know so many people are energized about this upcoming year. I'm over halfway to my fundraising goal for the year already!

Yesterday, a few of my friends hosted a fundraising soiree benefitting me and another friend, Laura, who is going to be a YAV in Guatemala. What started out as a small get together turned into over 50 people coming out- and all to support the two of us! Another friend, Tad, who is going to Chicago, came to the fundraiser as well. It was a neat opportunity to share our stories with friends and acquantances, and to spread the word about what it means (or what we understand it to mean) to be a Young Adult Volunteer).

Check out Laura and Tad's blogs, which in just over a month will be updated with their respective adventures living the Gospel in Guatemala and Chicago, respectively.

Tad, a 2010-2011 YAV to be in Chicago-->

Laura, a 2010-2011 YAV to be in Guatemala-->

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