Friday, May 13, 2011

Downward glances

We forget we struggled
our speech has become perfected
our walk easy
We forget we were once learning
slurring words together
falling down

We forget we struggled
the pictures capture smiles
happy endings are recorded
We forget we were once fighting ourselves
broken homes

We forget we struggled
we have degrees, qualifications
the proper supplies to begin
we forget we were once lost
failed tests
endless confusion

We forget we struggled
the walk wasn't easy
there were bumps along the way
Happiness was an idea
we thought we could get to someday
Learning was a process
with confusion and more questions

We forget we struggled
we can't remember slurring
we don't recall falling

It's a pretty picture we've created
for ourselves, our lives, our nation
that we hold high in our memory
We are the winners
the losers, forgotten

Lost like memories of confusion, doubt, failure
hopelessless forgotten

We put on our mask, replacing the hard times with confidence, smiles, purpose

After all,
we don't slur
we don't fall
we haven't been broken
we've never failed
we don't slur
we don't fall

We don't fail. We don't mess up. We don't fight. We don't get hopeless. We don't fall.

And we don't want those who do.

We don't understand.
We've hidden any tools we may have had to remember. Put them under the pedestal where we put ourselves and our livelihood

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